You don’t know what you don’t know

You don't know what you don't know


I'm a bit of nerd within my own body.

Every step, squat, press, pull, twist, I'm constantly thinking about my body. How it's postitioned, what "muscles" are contracting, relaxing, being loaded.

How am I standing, what's happening in my feet, is my arch strong, stable, flat, are my toes spread, squished, active, relaxed.

What's my head position and how is it affecting my neck, shoulders, pelvis. How am I breathing, what position am I sleeping in and what affects my quality of sleep. What food makes me feel good, feel bad, bloated.

What can I correlate between my lifestyle and my mood, happiness, frustration. Do I feel better after reading a book, writing something, scrolling through social media.

So on and so forth.

This is the accumulation of years of learning and self experimentation. It's experience and environment x consciousness and curiosity.

And this has been a recent realisation while thinking about how can I best help people.

Information Overload

I feel like 95% of my week I'm helping people, happy, motivated, and understanding. Then the other 5% is frustrated, annoyed, and left thinking "man, why don't you know this?"

It's become clear that there's so much content out there today, information is so abundant and accessible. So surely people can figure out some/most of the issues related to quality of life themselves with the amount of information available?

Then I realised that just because I pay attention to my own body doesn't mean everyone else does. I realised that maybe throwing information on top of information (I'm guilty of this) isn't enough to motivate and create change. Maybe more information isn't a fundamental, foundational principle that people can then build on. Maybe the ability to think, experiment, and learn is the principle and information is something that can be ingested, kept, thrown away, or whatever else consumer needs to do with it at that time.

So, how do you think, experiment, and learn? I don't know the simple answer, but I like what Ido Portal says - "Destroy your dogma". Find something, learn about it, do it, challenge it, then start again. Start with the smallest thing and it will snowball with time.

As an example

If your knee hurts think about when it hurts, and what you did before it hurt. Maybe it's your hips, maybe it's your feet, maybe it's your shoes.

Think about what life would be like if you didn't wear shoes. Maybe people haven't always worn shoes, would my feet/knees/hips/body be healthier if I didn't wear shoes as much? Do shoes make my feet better, stronger, weaker?

Maybe my knee hurts because I've spent all day seated. Maybe my knee hurts because I've spent all day seated looking at a computer. Maybe my brain chemistry is changing because I spend all day looking at a screen. Maybe the neurotransmitter secretion that makes me feel good that occurs when I receive lots of likes on instagram is causing me to develop unhealthy habits with social media. Maybe my social media addiction is making me anxious and stressed, and maybe my stress and emotional well-being is manifesting physically and is making my knee hurt?

That's one hell of a tangent, but if you open your mind and give it a minute it makes sense. Just the act of beginning to pay attention and asking a question or two could lead you down a life changing rabbit hole.


Quality of life not where you'd like it to be? Go see your primary or allied healthcare provider. Ask them why things are happening, why things hurt, tell them you don't know why.

Get help, but understand that a healthcare professional doesn't live in your body and your environment. The only person that can really change this stuff is yourself.

You don't know what you don't know, no one does. So go down the rabbit hole and find out.

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