The Principles of Fundamental

 The Principles of Fundamental

"The purpose for this blog is to formalise the recurring themes I see day after day, in an effort to create a consciousness around them."

Everybody who spends enough time in their field will eventually go down a path of specialisation. The fitness industry has a ton of different niches for trainers to specialise in, and thus a lot of different options for clients when choosing the right trainer. Look on the trainer profile board at your gym and you'll see things like..

- Weight loss
- Sports specific conditioning
- Core training
- Nutritional advice
- Strength and conditioning

If I could sum up a description of what I'm passionate about, the 'premise of my practice' at this current point in time (it's an ever evolving identity/passion/skill set, or at least it should be) would look something like this..

Quality of life

"The general well-being of a person or society, defined in terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth"

This is the underlying driver of what everything I want to achieve for the client is based upon. For me, I'm not interested in training athletes/sports teams, or achieving high level performance. I'm the guy that gets more satisfaction from somebody being able to comfortably sit and rest in a squat (and in doing so resolving their chronic hip pain) than breaking a world record. The process of improving somebody's quality of life is what makes this blog relevant.

The theory that I subscribe to is that as modern humans we are leaving so many of the basic requirements for achieving a better (normal) quality of life on the table. I think most people would be blown away at how much better they would feel if they re-aligned themselves with some of the most rudimentary human processes and functions such as sleep, movement, nutrition, and hydration..

Notice that in the definition of quality of life it, it is present in the absence of wealth. All of the errors I see happening have nothing to do with people not being able to afford the best equipment, training practices, or fancy food, but people not having the awareness that they're making movement and adaptation errors. Take eating, drinking, sleeping as examples. Yes these processes require money for sure, but you don't have a choice, you can't live without them regardless of who you are.

For example, supplements are irrelevant without the presence of whole food. Lack of sleep can only be buffered with coffee for so long. Hours upon hours of laminating your ass to a chair with out movement will eventually lead you to an operating table. Sooner or later (if you want to be a human being) you have to start paying attention to the details, hence the name Fundamental.

It's ironic, because the details are free, yet we try and buy our way around them.

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