The Fundamental Principles

The Fundamental Principles

As a CrossFit coach and Personal Trainer I get to spend a lot of time with people. I guess when people think of these occupations they think of you as someone who stands there yelling motivational abuse at a bunch of members. They wouldn't be entirely to blame either, as this is how society has moulded our thinking towards 'exercise' and how it should be. Just do it, no pain no gain, calories this, sacrifice that. This could very quickly lead down the rabbit hole to a different conversation so I'll leave it there for now.

My job as a trainer however is not so much to stand and abuse, but to observe and act upon feedback. Predominately within the realm of movement, but also across a broader range of lifestyle metrics.

The purpose for this blog is to formalise the recurring themes I see day after day, in an effort to create a conciousness around them. Before we can talk about observations from the world we live in, we need to establish some fundamental principles. A set of processes that every piece of information gets filtered through before a reaction can take place. These are my principles.

1) Open-mindedness

This comes in at number one simply because if you're not willing to put your ego aside and take a non judgmental approach towards something new then everything else that follows is irrelevant. If you do what you have always done, you'll get what you have always got.

2) Common sense and critical thinking

Like the saying goes, common sense isn't all that common. Unfortunately we now live in a world where we probably gain most of our basic life knowledge from tv commercials. Critical thinking means you question everything. The average human being should be able to read the label on the back of the latest candy flavored multi coloured breakfast cereal and realise that they probably shouldn't eat it without needing to have a degree in human nutrition.

3) System of systems

Everything is a system of systems. What you eat, what you eat eats, how you move, how you sleep, how you wake, how you breathe. More often than not when you isolate something for a lengthened period of time you create dysfunction. When putting something through this filter you have to consider how it will affect factors other than itself directly.

4) Context

Last but not least, context. Just like everything that comes after open-mindedness is irrelevant if you don't have both eyes open, everything that came before principle number four is irrelevant if it's out of context. There are so many claims and statements being thrown around on exercise and nutrition alone. Pay attention to what's being said and evaluate whether it belongs in the same conversation as the thing you're comparing it to.

These are by no means laws, but my way of systematically approaching obstacles and making informed decisions about how to best deal with them.

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