Personal Training – Establishing the fundamentals

Personal Training - Establishing the fundamentals

Here's a quick run down on the process I use when working with a new personal training client. This has evolved over the last 7 years and is something that I'm constantly working on to maintain "best practice" status.

1) Initial consultation

Ground zero. This is the first conversation with the client (other than any communication when booking in). It's generally an hour long, is usually in a casual environment like a cafe, and at this stage it's free.

I try to gather as much information as possible including
- Medical, movement, and injury history
- Stress, sleep, and other lifestyle patterns
- Nutritional status, employment history, goal setting, personality type, and other pieces of the puzzle

2) Movement and mobility screen

The second session paints a physical picture of how the client moves and what potential mobility handbrakes they might have.

It covers

- Screening of 8 basic human movement patterns, plus range of motion assessment of the individual joint motions that create those patterns
- Muscle strength testing
- Hands on palpation of muscles to assess excess tone (muscle tightness)

3) Baseline strength and conditioning testing

Moving forward from the initial consult and assessment, and depending on what the client's goals are, future sessions can consists of baseline testing.

This includes

- Strength testing using compound barbell movements
- General fitness testing (General Physical Preparedness or GPP)
- Endurance testing using a host of difference tasks

The above testing is very much client specific and dependent on their goals and readiness for exercise.

To wrap it up

Nothing is ever a be all end all, but I'm confident that my process gives me the best overview of where the client is at and sets them up for success moving forwards towards their goals.

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