Oh gawd I’m tired (and busy) 

Oh gawd I’m tired (and busy)

“Backward induction is the process of reasoning backwards in time, from the end of a problem or situation, to determine a sequence of optimal actions.”

I think this Elliot Hulse video is what resonated with me on the subject.

It’s so simple but is easily lost in a tidal wave of “busyness”. Basically what he’s talking about is this idea of backward induction. Planning your life/job/goals by establishing the end game, then working in reverse by implementing and prioritising the steps required to make it happen.

His example is food quality. He acknowledged that his income was limited, so he prioritised what he knew would help him be as effective as possible, to become successful in the long run. He wasn’t going to function optimally with a shitty diet, even if it saved him money. This is essentially spending money to make money. Being able to prioritise the underlying principles.

My example here is sleep (and he does cover this in the video). How many people are burning themselves out trying to get ahead/survive, sacrificing hours of sleep doing so. The reality is this isn’t sustainable, it’s probably not your best work; and people “ain’t got no time” to listen to others complain about how tired they are. It’s just not a positive vibe, and as it turns out it’s 2016 and everyone is busy, that’s just life.

A wise (American) scientist with rugged good looks recently explained to me the “poke and hope” approach of paddling rivers. Poking and hoping is closing your eyes and hoping for the best, it’s like an uncalculated, unprepared attempt at something. This translates, and is essentially what’s happening here. People running around in circles trying to get work done, pushing the boundaries of their physiological functions. You know the risks but you push forward hoping for the best, without a solid strategy, without any (work/lifestyle) boundaries.

My understanding of the endocrine system is primitive, however I’d take a good guess in saying the homeostatic function of such a system is similar to that of how your musculoskeletal tissues behave during movement. That being, when they’re continuously loaded in positions that don’t support their longevity, they break. In this example with a sleep deficit, the thing that breaks is your endocrine system, and eventually your ability to function.

In English

– Prioritise the things that govern the way you as a human functions, regardless of the modern hectic schedule

– Don’t poke and hope and don’t try and cheat your physiology… You’re only as good as your last nights sleep

– Coffee generally tastes better when you’re conscious enough to enjoy it

As always, I just like to challenge the way people think about things (it’s nothing personal) as well as the way I think about things. I wanted to share this video, because it’s one of my favourite Elliot Hulse clips.

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