Big 5 - Overhead In the gym we look at the spine first. Whether it's during movement, when mobilising a joint, when there's pain or dysfunction. Just think of it like a house - You can have the flashiest equipment, a big bed, fancy wallpaper, but if the foundation is weak you're screwed. The body is no different. Biceps and pecs look great but they won't hold the house up. Whether you're an athlete, a
The big 5 - Introduction The big 5 is a group of five basic anatomical shapes or positions that the human being is able to 'cultivate'. Being able to express these positions without restriction or over-tension gives you the freedom to move without 'overcooking' the system, and (theoretically) resisting injury. These shapes capture any movements your body produces that look like sport, or just movements in everyday life. I steal this analogy from my man
Movement errors and transferability part 3 - Depreciating hip function and the squat For this conversation I don't want to refer to squatting in the context of strength development, hypertrophy, or anything sports or performance related, but squatting in the terms of basic human function. However, your body is your body, and the principles of squatting are universal regardless of whether you're squatting a barbell or just need a break from standing up. Squatting builds
Movement errors and transferability part 2 - Do you even.... Push up brah? The push up is a fascinating movement. It gives away so much information about the person performing it. Can you organise and maintain your spine while gravity is trying collapse it? Do you understand rotation and it's effect on a stable shoulder position? Do you have the mobility and stability to move and maintain scapular positioning? Do you know how to sequence
Movement errors and transferability part 1 - Don't be a rusty hinge Of all the movement errors happening in the gym, the hip hinge has to be at the start of the list. Not just because it's common, but because it's probably the most basic, fundamental movement pattern that we express as human beings, even more so than walking. Before we can walk we have to be able to get on and off the bed,
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