A better way to position the shoulders

Posted by admin on  September 14, 2016

A better way to position the shoulders Here's my thought process, as simply as possible...  1) There is no one "best" position that the shoulder blades (scapulae) must stay for optimal posture or function 2) Constantly pulling your scapulae back and down could cause just as many problems as having them hunched forward or up 3) Your scapulae float. The only skeletal structure holding your whole shoulder and arm complex to you torso is your
5x5 = I don't know Five years ago I graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a Diploma in Personal Training and Exercise Prescription. Here's a few things I've discovered about myself and the fitness industry. It's more a reflection of my own growth as a person/personal trainer and a reference for myself than anything else. If anybody finds it interesting then that's a bonus. As always, challenge my ideas and thought processes. 1) Consistency is the
Oh gawd I'm tired (and busy)  "Backward induction is the process of reasoning backwards in time, from the end of a problem or situation, to determine a sequence of optimal actions." I think this Elliot Hulse video is what resonated with me on the subject. It's so simple but is easily lost in a tidal wave of "busyness". Basically what he's talking about is this idea of backward induction. Planning your life/job/goals by establishing the
Caffeine and curly fries - Volume 2 This isn't exclusive to movement, fitness, or health in the physical sense but an expansion of my original post about principles. I'm not a psychologist, biochemist, astronaut or author, just an observer. For all you know I could be talking shit and none of this could make any sense, but if you read my first post you'll realise that this is the point. You should be able to
Caffeine and curly fries - Volume 1  Ingredients 1 cup common sense 500ml open mindedness 1/2 cup critical thinking 1.2kg ego 3 tbsp research 2l experience 500g context Directions Place common sense in a mixing bowl. Take ego and smash with rolling pin, then mix in with common sense and let dissolve. In a separate bowl add critical thinking and research, leave for 30mins until they're at room temperature, then add context, experience and open
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