You don't know what you don't know Intro I'm a bit of nerd within my own body. Every step, squat, press, pull, twist, I'm constantly thinking about my body. How it's postitioned, what "muscles" are contracting, relaxing, being loaded. How am I standing, what's happening in my feet, is my arch strong, stable, flat, are my toes spread, squished, active, relaxed. What's my head position and how is it affecting my neck, shoulders, pelvis. How
Personal Training - Establishing the fundamentals Here's a quick run down on the process I use when working with a new personal training client. This has evolved over the last 7 years and is something that I'm constantly working on to maintain "best practice" status. 1) Initial consultation Ground zero. This is the first conversation with the client (other than any communication when booking in). It's generally an hour long, is usually in a casual
Personal Training from a Personal Trainer's perspective 2018 is my 7th year working as a personal trainer, with 5 of those years also being a group fitness trainer. While the two occupations share the same industry and have a lot of carry over they're also worlds apart. They require different qualifications, different approaches and processes, different skills outside of the gym; the cost of the service is very different, the type of facility and location,
Introduction I work in the health and fitness industry [as it goes]. When I applied to study a Diploma in Personal Training and got into the fitness thing my mental space was probably occupied with things like sets and reps, exercises, treadmills, body composition, fitness assessments, and so on and so forth. To some extent it still is, however these are a scratch on ze surface. These all have the risk of being such passive
The more and more time I spend working with the human body (either with personal training or massage therapy) the more and more this common theme becomes apparent. The theme being; in order to make change, whether it be getting stronger, becoming more mobile, losing weight, improving sleep, reducing tissue tone, learning a skill – the nervous system is involved, and the nervous system is in charge.If your brain sees an input as a threat

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