Since Graduating from Otago Polytech’s Institute of Sport and Adventure in 2011 Josh has spent thousands of hours observing and affecting the way people move. Working with clients across multiple platforms; one on one, in groups, in commercial gyms, crossfit gyms, parks, beaches, garages, NRL and Super Rugby environments, and within businesses. The broad range of environments he's worked within has attracted a multitude of clients from all walks of life. However no matter how varied, every client has one thing common; they’re all human beings.

Josh's passion is heavily driven to towards providing a unique service for each and every client that is just as educational as it is physical. He works to develop their understanding of the term ‘movement’, pushing for his clients to integrate the skills and knowledge gained in the gym into their everyday life. To remove the mindset that we need to ‘exercise’ to be healthy, and to replace it with the understanding that every time we move as human beings we have the opportunity to rid ourselves of dysfunction and injury and to maintain a healthy functioning body.

Movement is as much a therapy for the mind as it is the capacity of the body and removing these associations lets us create heathy and happy relationships with it. More importantly, disconnecting the mindset that moving is a chore, and replacing it with the understanding that its just humans doing what humans are meant to do! Movement isn’t optional, it’s a necessity and not only that; but first and foremost it’s a skill. First move well, then move often.

Josh's approach towards health and fitness is based around giving people the knowledge and exposure of the basics, the fundamentals. These are the baseline, everyday essentials that govern our quality of life. Movement, food, sunlight, sleep, hydration, tissue health; just to name a few! All of these are things that we're exposed to every day as human beings, however we often do poorly. Yet these basic things have the biggest effect on our ability to live with a high quality of health.


Personal Training

Diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership (Personal Training and Exercise Prescription) With Merit

Otago Polytechnic Institute of Sport and Adventure - 2011

Massage Therapy

Diploma in Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage Therapy)

New Zealand College of Massage - 2016


CrossFit Level 1 Certification - 2012

CrossFit Mobility Certification - 2014

MobilityWOD Movement and Mobility 101 - 2018

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 2019

Cupping Therapy - 2019

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