Personal Training
Personal Training begins with an initial consultation, a movement and mobility screen, and baseline strength and conditioning testing. This provides the opportunity to establish a good medical and exercise history of the client, illuminates any serious movement dysfunctions and mobility restrictions, allowing for appropriate exercise selection and progression; and gives a snapshot of the client's fitness ability which can be referred back to in the future to compare progress.
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy sessions can benefit anyone. Some of the main reasons you might book in for a massage treatment include; Muscle soreness and weakness, reduced joint range of motion, rotator cuff issues, nerve issues such as thoracic outlet syndrome or piriformis syndrome, hip and knee pain. Massage also has a profound effect on down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system, which is especially important in today's high stress society.
Quality of life
The goal across both disciplines is to improve the client's quality of life. Whether this means they no longer live with pain, they have improved their quality and capacity of movement, or they have successfully modified lifestyle factors to improve overall well-being. Josh's approach is very much focused on the basics, hence the name "Fundamental". It's nothing fancy, it's all about doing the things we do day to day but doing them well. If you do the basics well, you body will take care of the rest.


Personal Training

Container Gym - 41 Amuri Street, Hei Hei, Christchurch

Massage Therapy

Container Gym - 41 Amuri Street, Hei Hei, Christchurch

Garden City Health - 221 Innes Road, Christchurch


Training programmes
Josh has provided training programmes for people locally in Canterbury as well as people travelling all over the world. Programming can be done to suit you at your current gym or home. Distance programming indcludes video calls to to effectively communicate goals and explain the programme, as well as ongoing communication throughout to add accountability while training.
Workplace Wellness
Whether it's workplace massage, exercise, or specific mobility and stretching sessions. Josh can design sessions to suit your workplace to increase productivity and improve the health of your staff.
Movement and mobility workshops can benefit anyone wanting to improve their quality of movement, wanting to resolve mobility restrictions, or injury proof their training. Previous workshops have included multiple CrossFit gyms, Rowing clubs, and Personal Training institutions, just to name a few.
Group Fitness Sessions
Group Fitness sessions can cover anything from small group training of two to three people to large numbers. From parks and beaches to businesses and backyards, group fitness sessions can be customised to your requirements.
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